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Obstacle Detection & Obstacle Avoidance (ODOA)
Visual Simultaneous Localization & Mapping (vSLAM)

    Autonomous Mobile Robots, Automated Guided Vehicles and Remote Teleoperated Vehicles all benefit from 3D vision systems with unparalleled field of view to improve mobility. By detecting obstacles and providing highly accurate depth and creating precise maps, DreamVu’s cameras plus Vision Intelligence Software deliver vision-based mobility solutions that are low-cost and easy to utilize.


    Obstacle Detection & Obstacle Avoidance – ODOA
    • Detect obstacles as small as 2cm2 so the robot can maneuver fast and efficiently
    • Use complete semantic understanding to generate the lowest-costmap paths
    • Simplify sensor stacks with fewer stereo cameras
    Visual Simultaneous Localization & Mapping – vSLAM
    • Create the most complete map – differentiate between fixed and dynamic obstacles
    • Capture an entire 3D point-cloud in every frame
    • Save cost vs. LiDAR with the added benefits of vision based SLAM

    proprietary omnidirectional 3D vision technology

    DreamVu’s proprietary omnidirectional 3D vision systems are ideal for improving the maneuverability and navigation of unmanned industrial, commercial, and domestic robots


    DreamVu’s Vision Intelligence Software is developed to maximize the benefits of omnidirectional 3D vision. Maps are created more efficiently and with more detail. Route planning is accomplished with lower cost-maps. The result – robots perform better!
    Utilize the maximum field of view for complete occupancy maps in dynamic and cluttered environments
    Perform ODOA and SLAM with the fewest number of vision sensors at the lowest possible system cost
    Deliver the highest ROI with the most efficient route-planning so more work can be accomplished
    Reserve on-board compute resources
    Reserve on-board compute resources for robot tasks due to efficient vision processing

    Design your bespoke solution for Autonomous Mobile Robots


    We have developed Starter Kits so you can see the wonders of our vision systems right out of the box. Provide a display, keyboard, mouse, and some electricity and you’ll immediately observe the capabilities that our cameras provide.


    Already evaluated and ready to order a few cameras to build prototypes? Order here. Or, do you want to go right to developing with our SDK? Order a camera and visit to find the right SDK

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    Impressed with the technology but looking for pricing at higher volumes? Fill out the form to request a quote. Our sales team will reach out to assist you on your requirements. If you are in education, please see note below.

    Note: Are you in education? Email us at [email protected] to learn about our discounts for educators, researchers and students.

    Our AMR solution comes with the world’s best stereoscopic 3D vision cameras

    PAL Mini is the world’s smallest omnidirectional 3D vision system to provide up to 360° stereo perception with the industry’s widest vertical views.
    PAL USB is the only single sensor, omnidirectional 3D vision system to provide up to 360° stereo perception with the industry’s widest vertical views up to 110°.
    PAL Ethernet is the only single sensor, omnidirectional vision system to provide 360° stereoscopic sensing with embedded processor for edge AI.
    ALIA is an omnidirectional vision system that provides long-range and high-resolution 3D imaging up to 100m and and perception capabilities in a single video stream with intelligence at the edge.

    Learn how DreamVu’s omnidirectional 3D vision systems can be applied to your mobile robots