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the dreamvu difference

Unparalleled Omnidirectional 3D Vision Systems

Experience The DreamVU Difference

Omnidirectional 3D vision systems with unparalleled field of view and highly accurate visual depth measurements



With a DreamVu camera
With an other stereo camera

The DreamVu Difference


omnidirectional 3d vision

The unique combination of ultra-wide field of view with accurate 3D

The benefits of omnidirectional
3d vision

Reduced blind spots at lower total systems costs
Deliver the highest ROI
Increased run-times and reliability with fewer devices required
3_Complete semantic scene understanding and 3D restructuring
Complete semantic scene understanding and 3D restructuring
Reserve on-board compute resources
Reserved finite AI &
Neural Networks
Want to explore how DreamVu’s technology can transform your robotics solution? Engage in a commitment-free one hour hands-on workshop with our stereo vision experts.

experience the dreamvu
difference for yourself