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Industry Leading People Detection Solution By DreamVu

Safety is of utmost importance for energy firms and other infrastructure owner companies and is also a challenging issue to handle. It must always be ensured that people travelling around the sites and infrastructure are safe and that the operational staff is working in a safe environment. DreamVu, a global leader in omnidirectional 3D vision systems, stepped into the market to provide a solution like people detection, etc for automated visual surveillance.

What is the Process of People Detection?

In general, the first step in solving the issue of how to find people in the the photo or video data is systematically dividing the image. The tool would initially apply algorithms to the input to locate regions of interest. Following that, the system would suggest various people based on your settings. Classifying people based on models, applying probability thresholds, and returning the classes and locations in the frame of your final acceptable proposals are the last steps in the detection process.

In this instance, the class you would be looking for is people. The sensor uses processing blocks that have been pre-trained using a deep-learning artificial intelligence system. It has a large number of photos to identify these human people in the visual field. Models, the cognitive units, may be taught to recognize practically anything a human can perceive.

When adding people detection to your computer vision application, you can use a pre-trained model or build the model yourself. The more information you provide, the more it will be able to identify the people and learn how to get better technology in the future.

Benefits of Omnidirectional 3D camera 

Omnidirectional 3D camera is becoming more widespread in several fields and applications. The performance and functionality of robots can be enhanced by Omnidirectional 3D Camera thanks to their wealth of advantages. Among the main advantages are:

Saves time and money: The automation of processes and increased accuracy made possible by Omnidirectional 3D camera  can result in quicker and more cost-effective operations.

Increased safety: By assisting in preventing collisions and mishaps, using Omni Camera 360 in robotics can also increase safety.

Improved performance: Omnidirectional 3D cameras  can make robots more effective in dangerous or challenging conditions such as the dark, hot, dusty, or damp atmospheres.

Greater adaptability: Omnidirectional 3D camera  enables robots to move and work in spaces inaccessible to conventional sensors.

Simpler integration: Since Omnidirectional 3D cameras are simpler to incorporate into robots, setting them up and operating them becomes more quick and easy.

Cost efficient: Omnidirectional 3D cameras are becoming more and more accessible, making them a viable option for numerous applications in one camera, making it cost-efficient.

Increased accuracy: Omnidirectional 3D cameras are more accurate than conventional sensors, allowing robots to complete jobs with better precision and quality.

DreamVu’s People detection solution

The omnidirectional 3D vision systems from DreamVu are specially designed to enhance the navigation and manoeuvrability of unmanned industrial, commercial, and household robots. To harness the advantages of omnidirectional 3D vision, DreamVu developed its Vision Intelligence Software. Maps are produced more precisely and with greater efficiency. Low-cost maps are used for route planning. As a result, robots work more effectively. Our technique avoids utilising mannequins as false positives and separates adults from children. Our solution,, like PAL mini, PAL USB, and ALIA, offers customizable safety depth perimeter and people presence detection.

Distinguish between a real person and a mannequin under difficult situations

The presence of non-textured environments and things that could be mistaken for humans in the deployment scenario significantly negatively impacts the accuracy of person detection with conventional stereo cameras. We make the most of our cameras’ large fields of vision to deliver considerably better contextual knowledge while minimising false negatives.

Follow the appropriate person regardless of the surroundings. 

DreamVu’s person detection solution makes the above-mentioned feature simpler as follower robots gain popularity. The person tracking is kept locked in by the field of view, so the robot knows who to follow.

No difficulty in detecting people in various positions 

Even when individuals are in diverse postures, our technology ensures a high level of people detection. This makes it possible for robots to work naturally close to people in everyday situations.

Wrapping up!

The warehouse, manufacturing floor, healthcare systems, construction sites, and other environments will undoubtedly adopt omnidirectional 3D vision systems that can distinguish player motions. Therefore, it is possible to keep an eye on workers for surveillance purposes.

Innovation, efficiency, and usefulness come to mind when thinking of DreamVu. Our obstacle detection camera, a pioneer in industrial 3D sensor technology, is important to automation processes in different industries. We have developed a wide variety of Omni Camera 360 by working with our clients to enter new markets and applications. As a result, we have the ideal answer for any application. We achieve the required field of view with mobility, low cost, and low power visual intelligence.

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