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Omnidirectional 3d Vision Systems

Broaden Your Vision With Omnidirectional 3d Vision Systems Design

An omnidirectional 3D Vision systems design, also known as Omni Camera 360, captures images in almost a full sphere surrounding the camera. This Omni Camera 360 now comes in two new 3D vision intelligence systems for autonomous systems, PAL and PAL Mini. Both devices have the world’s biggest stereoscopic field of vision thanks to new proprietary optics and powerful imaging algorithms.

The capacity of a single low latency 3D camera to observe enormous regions in a single frame saves robot system designers time during development. It increases the robot’s run-time efficiency once deployed. Both PAL and PAL Mini provide high-resolution vision, high-accuracy depth, and colour 3D point clouds, are easy to incorporate into a wide range of autonomous systems, and cost very little power.

3D machine vision systems design can perceive their surroundings and compute where an object is placed and its orientation. Multiple cameras or one or more laser displacement sensors are commonly used in these systems.

The Omni Camera 360 is a cutting-edge device that captures 360-degree videos and photos in high resolution. It features six individual cameras that work together to capture every angle of a scene, creating immersive and interactive content.

PAL and PAL Mini outperform conventional stereo cameras by utilising a single CMOS sensor and no moving components. Both offer visual intelligence that removes blind spots and combines full-color video with precise depth mapping and detection in a single video stream.

The low latency 3D cameras are perfect for warehouse navigation systems, disinfection robots, commercial cleaning robots, and household vacuum cleaning robots. It is helpful for low latency, low power, and high reliability.


With a useful depth range of 10 meters and no minimum depth distance, PAL offers a 360-degree horizontal field of vision and a 110-degree vertical field of view at up to 9 megapixels. The ability to create a comprehensive 3D occupancy map is the Omni camera 360 best feature. PAL is an excellent sensor for autonomous mobile robot (AMR) navigation systems because each frame incorporates a vision system design.

By providing ODOA and SLAM with a thorough awareness of the environment, PAL enables AMRs to localize and navigate along the most effective routes. 


PAL Mini 

The PAL Mini is the most portable omnidirectional 3D vision system, with a usable depth range of 5 meters, a 360-degree horizontal field of view, an 80-degree vertical field of view, and up to 4 megapixels. PAL Mini is ideal for navigation systems in smaller AMRs and domestic robots because of its incredibly compact form factor.

PAL Mini can also be utilized as an additional sensor in situations where expanding the cleaning area is essential. This can be used for personal identification in disinfection robots or wall, cliff, and stair tracking in commercial cleaning robots.


Software Integration

A versatile software development kit (SDK) for each device is included, along with OpenCV and the Robot Operating System (ROS). Additionally, DreamVu’s Vision Intelligence Software offers AI features like object identification and categorization. Additionally, people detection with DreamVu’s full ODOA and SLAM solutions and low latency 3D camera can be enhanced with the Omni camera 360.

At DreamVu, We are the pioneers in omnidirectional 3D vision system design, having our headquarters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with an R&D facility in Hyderabad, India. We are leading the next generation of visual intelligence and revolutionizing how machines and people see the environment. Our camera-based solutions offer distinct optics that enables imaging software to reduce system costs while providing unparalleled vision. 

Robot with distance


Designed for plug-and-play evaluation of cameras and solutions, the Starter Kit is all you need.