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dreamvu estore

We’ve designed our E-Store to make it easy for you to acquire DreamVu’s 3D vision systems.
Purchase cameras and starter kits for a variety of your application needs. Please refer the simple guide below to help you make the right choice of product.


We have developed pre-configured Starter Kits that help you experience our vision systems right out of the box. Plug our starter kit in and immediately observe the DreamVu difference in the capabilities that our cameras provide.


Already evaluated and ready to order a few cameras to build prototypes? Order here. You may also proceed right to developing with our SDK. Order a camera and visit to find the right SDK.

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If you are looking for pricing at higher volumes or need assistance with a bespoke requirement, simply fill out the form to request a quote. Our sales team will reach out to you as soon as possible to assist you on your requirements.



Distance Range


Use Cases

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    Discover DreamVu

    DreamVu products can be used for an assortment of use-cases where large field of view and accurate depth are important. DreamVu products are qualified for commercial, industrial, consumer, and government applications.

    DreamVu products provide the largest field of view in a stero camera. Additionally, DreamVu products do not have a minimum depth distance while other stereo cameras do.

    PAL Mini is the most compact and operates out to 3-5 meters. PAL USB extends the distance to 10+ meters and relies on a host computer to process images. PAL Ethernet includes an on-board processor so all image processing is handled inside the unit. ALIA provides the highest resolution with accurate depth out to 20+ meters.

    When a DreamVu camera is purchased, access to the SDK will be provided through a download link. Documentation will also be provided.

    The DreamVu SDK is designed to work with Ubuntu 16.04+ on either x86 or ARM based CPUs.

    DreamVu is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA USA with an R&D center in Hyderabad India.

    Send an email to [email protected] or [email protected] and a DreamVu applications engineer will respond with technical support.

    Vision Intelligence Software is a set of software products that deliver AI enabled functions to speed a customer’s time to market. This software is developed to easily integrate into an existing software stack to save a customer’s time and money.

    Vision Intelligence Software is available through a licensing model helping customers deploy it in a fast and economically efficient way.

    There are no restrictions. We ship DreamVu products globally.

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